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This association was born on August 10, 2010 during a dinner in a well-known restaurant by the sea in Pescara, where three friends "Maurizio, Luigi and Mimmo" united by their common passion for "fishing", discussed animatedly about why a structure like the port tourism "Marina di Pescara", despite  le enormous potential, did not yet have a Team, an association of sport fishing. The strong determination of Maurizio, Mimmo and Luigi led to the birth of the Asd  Dolphin club Pescara.
The name is that of the main symbol of our city  IL DELFINO. This mammal is loved by everyone, it brings luck to those who see it and expresses a concept dear to us the sense of freedom. The Association wants to be a meeting point, as well as for the associates and their friends, also for the sportsmen of the sea lovers and for those who for cultural and professional reasons want to share a common path  e  experiences that enrich.
It started with a coastal trolling trophy, which   was a success for participants and for catching ... we had managed to wake up a sleeping giant. Follow '  the affiliation to FIPSAS and registration in the CONI register.   We began with the first appearances in provincial coastal trolling competitions,   with the passage of time the confidence in our vehicles was increasing and, with it, the number of participants . The first medals arrived, the first cups, the first qualifiers to the final stages of the Italian championship of   coastal train where still  we are present with more crews, the commitment and seriousness that have made us a  Società   appreciated and known throughout Italy.We have always made our logistical, organizational and technical resources available to initiatives and events and for this reason we had the privilege of organizing the Italian Coastal Trolling Championships in 2014 and 2018. For the ten-year anniversary of the association, very challenging new horizons are opening up,   but at the same time very _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_stimulants. 
In "Who We Are" a special and affectionate thanks could not be missing  all'Assonautica section of Pescara, which never fails us the invaluable support.

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